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The why

If it’s true that there’s nothing better than working for yourself, why do so many people seem to struggle with it? The reality of ‘being your own boss’ very often doesn’t live up to the dream. What starts out as an exciting prospect filled with endless opportunity can often descend into a solitary journey filled with fear, overwhelm and exhaustion. Staff issues, invoicing, quoting, supplier payments, marketing, tax, payroll etc, etc. Is that what you signed up for? Businesses fail for many reasons – and a lot cease trading simply because the owner can’t stand it.


Of course there’s an endless row of shiny consultants eager to help and happy to part with pie-in-the-sky, ‘motivational’ advice when what you really need is feet-on-the-crowd, common sense strategy backed by the knowledge that you have someone in your corner.


Sound familiar? Well, we too have been there and got the T-shirt – as well as the battle scars, late nights and missed weekends. We discovered many years ago that small business owners – particularly in the trades – have very few options when it comes to getting high level business support. You can either take out a bank loan to get the ‘very best’ advice or take your chances with myriad ‘coaches’ who may or (most likely) may not have any real insight into how to run a successful small business in the ever changing commercial landscape post 2020.


We believe there are much smarter ways to plug the gaps for the smaller business or start-up owner. We marry real-world advice with effective strategic direction based on our real-world experience that is aimed at doing one thing – making an immediate difference to your business trajectory and the way you see and feel about it.

About Greg

Greg is a successful entrepreneur from Sydney. He started an electrical business early in 2007 and quickly grew it to employ a large team of electricians servicing happy clients across the greater Sydney area. Greg’s belief in old fashioned service values like workmanship and customer care and his desire to provide the kind of trade service he looked for himself were key to the success of the venture.


But Greg realised that the cost of that business success was a high personal one. As the founder, every buck stopped with him and every problem was his. The working day was a constant tail-chase and weekends and evenings were filled with paperwork, phone calls and admin. He looked for advice and direction – seeking someone who’d been through it and had worked out how to get the balance right, optimise the business and have time for the family. He couldn’t find it. So he worked it out himself – learning lessons from every mistake and gaining insight from each success. Painstakingly developing a strategic blueprint to help the founders of start-ups and trades businesses. As the founder of east Greg is uniquely qualified to help clients make a success of their venture whilst preserving their original passion and enjoying the business journey.


Greg has a wife Xxxxxxx and two children and lives in Byron Bay.

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