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The East Way

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We don’t have a one-size-fits-all approach – businesses and their owners are way too different for that kind of approach to stick. We take time to get to know you, your journey, why you’re here and where you want to go before we attempt to give you anything even approaching advice.


Our skillset covers everything the start-up or small business owner needs – from initial set-up, market and competitor review, cashflow analysis, operational strategy, marketing, to tax and accounting advice, free industry seminars and networking pizza nights – we make it all more accessible, understandable and just a bit more fun. We create strategies to help you cope with everything that comes with owning your own business – way beyond just focussing on growing the business and keeping your customers happy.


We don’t prescribe, we also don’t preach, chastise or baffle our clients with science. We have an authentic passion for helping business owners in the same place we were – and we work side by side with them to give the support, insights and camaraderie we wish we’d had. And all this is achievable with you staying sane, healthy, connected to your loved ones and, best of all, enjoying your business again.


There is another direction – it’s East.

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